Can we stop pretending all differences are political?

I am terribly sad that Congressman Steve Scalise was shot alongside three others yesterday. I don’t think anyone should be shot. And I am terribly sorry for the families of the people who were shot – they carry this pain too. I hope everyone recovers.

But this hand-wringing for the last 24 hours pretending that the only difference between Democrats and Republicans is “political disagreements” must end. I am not going to speak on behalf of any groups or anyone but this is how it is for me. There are many Republicans that want me dead, like for example this guy who GOP Senator Ted Cruz hung out with during the 2016 campaign.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker tried to stop LGBT people being able to see each other in the hospital. Me and my husband have been together 7 years. If he has a car accident and needs decisions made on his behalf, under Walker’s preference I would not be able to make those decisions for him. If he was dying, I would not be allowed to see him during his final hours.

During the 2012 primary campaign, NOT ONE SINGLE Republican candidate (all of whom were on a debate stage) said anything when a crowd booed a gay soldier who was serving his country in Iraq. NOT ONE SAID ANYTHING about a US soldier BEING BOOED!

During this most recent legislative session in Georgia, an effort was made to streamline the state’s orphan and adoption laws, which was wrecked when a whole lot of anti-LGBT stuff was shoved into the law by some rabid gay haters, who hate gays more than they love orphaned children. They would rather kids be in orphanages than adopted.

Republican Governor of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, cancelled ALL domestic benefits to ALL partners in the National Guard at facilities in her state because she didn’t want to have to do it for gay couples.

This is on top of all the fucking anti-same sex marriage legislation that sloshed around the House of Representatives since Republicans won control of it in 2010. And a lack of ENDA which means LGBT people can be kicked out of jobs, houses and so on because employers/landlords hate LGBT people.

These are not merely philosophical disagreements. What Steve Scalise thinks of my life is not just a political disagreement; it affects how I can live my own life day to day. Me and Steve Scalise disagree on the efficacy of the free market, and about welfare reform, and about charter schools, and about publicly funded infrastructure, and what the level of government spending should be, and whether right to work laws are good or bad, and the NEA, and term limits. These are all political differences.

My ability to pay the same taxes as straight people, to visit my dying spouse in hospital, to have my friends in the military receive the correct benefits (or any!) and respect, to be able to raise children instead of leaving them at the mercy of the state, and to be able to not be killed are not just political differences. So stop fucking saying they are. We don’t just disagree. When elected officials get to tangibly fuck my life around, that is far more than a political disagreement.


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